I do not think words will ever fully express how grateful I am for the opportunity to work with Kevin. I found him completely by chance. Among the responses to my search, I feel that Kevin was the only one to read and actually 'see' me for who I am and what I was hoping to accomplish.
I emailed prior to working with him and the questions he asked truly made me feel as if he was going to get just as much out of our working together as I was hoping to. We met via Skype (added bonus as distance does not matter) and had an initial conversation to learn a little more about each other. He was truly interested in knowing me and what direction I was hoping to go, and what I was passionate about. Kevin also helped me work through some troubling times at my current position. He didn't do the work; he gave me the tools to do so, which is a great talent to have. He helped me articulate all of this into an amazing cover letter and resume that I feel will get me in the door. He has changed my outlook on the job search and my career in general. I feel empowered. 
Working with Kevin may be one of the best decisions you can ever make. I know it was one of the best investments I have ever made. I will miss having weekly meetings with him, but I know he and I will stay in touch, and I know if needed I can always reach back out to him and work with him again.

— Megan E., Washington DC

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An Invitation

From writing strong, vivid resumes and cover letters to personalized career counseling....

THE TRUTH is no two clients have the same needs — and that's the fun part. From questions of purpose and calling.... to work-life balance.... to community contribution and family.... everyone arrives with a different vision of what "life" and "career" mean.

IT'S SO EASY these days to succumb to doubt and disillusionment — to buy into the pervasive mythology that our world is hopelessly complicated and real fulfillment is largely unattainable. 

REMEMBER that the range of possibility is always broader than we think.  It's just a question of attentive, empathic listening.... conscious application of care and effort.... and the courage to embrace whatever truths we discover about ourselves. 

THE CYNIC IN US may counter that fulfillment is just a question of right-time / right-place.  And while it'd be silly to contend that chance plays no role in our lives, the discussion leads to a far more useful concept:

We create our own luck.

Put another way: fulfillment isn't free.  It takes determination, faith, and stamina.  And more than anything else, it's a choice.

I DESIGNED Counsel-Ink to deepen understanding of all the elements that go into this choice, and facilitate exploration in an open, relaxed, and creative atmosphere.

EACH INDIVIDUALIZED PROGRAM generally includes the following:

  • A close personal intake that helps me hear your voice.... get a handle on your unique history, and your definitions of success and failure.... identify both your must-haves and no-fly-zones.... and prioritize the elements we need to address.
  • Focused guidance and editing for RESUMES and COVER LETTERS.
  • Interview coaching.
  • Exercises to nurture inspiration.