From the moment I met Kevin, there was an immediate connection that can be best described as a mentor relationship. His goal was not to get me into the best college to please my parents or boost his reputation, but to help me find a school I would gladly come to call home. Every week we had long conversations about a vast range of topics from religion to even relationships. In these conversations, Kevin was instrumental in coaxing my experiences and passions first into words, and then into coherent and artful essays. I had the security of working with someone who was talented in the field of writing, and who also had a genuine respect for my emotions and life experiences. Kevin was not only an integral part of getting me into the majority of the schools I applied to. He made sure to bring me back to his office to sort through my acceptances in search of the college that best matched me personally and academically. I cannot thank him enough for the effort he put into molding me into the motivated and very happy college student I am today.      

          — Esther J., Williams College (BA)

My relationship with Kevin began in 2006, as I started to navigate the seemingly treacherous waters of undergraduate applications. The application process is somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster. When you work with Kevin, you are partnering with a passionate teacher who takes the time to understand you as an individual, devise an appropriate strategy, and help put forward the very best version of you. He is a superb mentor. Last summer, when I decided to pursue an MBA – I knew exactly where to turn. Kevin did an excellent job of helping me define my vision, clarify my experiences, and articulate why graduate school made sense for me. He comes highly recommended.

          — Mike D., UC Berkeley (BA) / Accenture Strategy / London School of Economics (MBA                                                                                                                       ** I guided both academic application processes **

I can't speak highly enough of Kevin. I used him to aid me in my résumé and cover letter writing. His writing style is technical, athletic and aware. Kevin also views cover letters as an art, and is extremely helpful in forming the story you want to tell. It was a joy to work with someone who so clearly excels at his passion.

          — Paul F., Nashville TN

Since I was coming from just having a negative experience with a consultant, Kevin was a breath of fresh air. From our first meeting, Kevin was kind, knowledgeable, and truly insightful. My experience, both professionally and personally, are different than most, and translating that experience into a usable resume and cover letter seemed impossible to do myself. Kevin exceeded expectations and he actually listened to me, which my earlier consultant invariably avoided. I am so pleased to have stumbled onto thumbtack and to have had the opportunity to work with Kevin. I now have a resume and cover letter that the general public can read and understand! 
Resume/cover letter: check. Grad school applications are the next major task on my agenda and Kevin has already helped inspire ideas I wouldn't have been able to evoke myself. I look forward to finishing all my essays and with his help and guidance!

          — Lauren T., Seattle, WA

Kevin has this wonderful way of connecting with a new client and making them feel instantly accepted. The prospect of a root canal would be preferable to me over having to write a paragraph. This is a challenging place for a relationship to start. Using humor and coaxing Kevin was able to get me out of my self imposed shell to the point that working together we were able to compose a resume and cover letter that I felt accurately expressed my philosophy on careers and life in general. Thanks again.

          —Irene B., RN, Pleasant Hill, CA

Kevin has been a true friend to me since day one. While doing my brother's college application process and essays, he also guided my transfer application. Then, since my graduation, he's counseled me first on internships and now on a formal job search in Finance and Investment. His integrity towards work and life has been so important. He's carefully led me to discover the best parts of myself, but won't hesitate to give me a proper kick in the butt when I need one. The only way to describe his program is professional, intimate, and inspiring. One truly great plus of working with Kevin over the years is his range and experience. Whatever field you are in, he's always able to make connections to your passion and lead you toward clarity in resumes, cover letters, and interview prep. To say that Kevin's been a mentor to me over the years I've known him is an understatement. He's as much family as anything else.

          — Willie C., Chapman University (BA) / Bank of America personal banker / Merrill Lynch financial adviser                                                                                              ** I guided all three processes **

We were looking for a college guidance and essay coach for our older son Zachary when by chance I got a referral to Kevin. I knew from our first meeting that he was going to be the right mentor and coach. Zachary also had an immediate connection. What followed was an incredible experience of Kevin guiding Zachary through college selection and wonderful writing. The beauty of it was that the writing was a true reflection of who Zachary really is. It was his voice, his stories, but Kevin's expertise, creativity & top-notch mentoring that inspired him.

During the time he spent with Kevin, it was clear how both he and his writing matured. His focus and motivation became noticeably stronger as Kevin continued to challenge him and held him accountable.

We are thrilled to say that Zachary had a very high acceptance rate to his reach schools. He happily accepted an Early Admissions offer to Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, where he had a hugely successful 4 years culminating in a Summa Cum Laude graduation and a Schwarzman Scholarship in Beijing.

Kevin has just finished working with our younger son Matthew, who was accepted ED2 to Tulane University. We were very excited about his opportunity to work with such an incredible talent. 

Kevin has been such a integral part of this journey. We are forever grateful.

          — Shelly and Brian, Redondo Beach, CA

When first I walked into Kevin’s office, I knew he wasn’t the typical tutor. Instead of a classroom I found myself in a relaxing atmosphere with couches, plants, and a fountain. We would talk about everything from politics to philosophy to the environment. Of course, these musings weren’t the only things we did. My SAT scores rose tremendously. As college apps approached, Kevin worked with me on writing essays and choosing the right schools. He understands that college isn’t just about name value, and always puts his student’s well-being first. I also learned an important new skill: to analyze myself. Kevin took me step by step through the process, asking questions that dug deep into what I wanted in my future, and who I was as a person. He also pushed me to perfect the essays. As my writing improved, he kept raising the bar. The most notable aspect about Kevin is his genuine passion for his students' growth. To this day he still follows up with me. I am extremely thankful for the time and effort that he put into the entire process.
          — Julian K., Duke University (BS)

Entering the summer of my junior year, I felt completely unprepared for anything concerning college. I met Kevin through Scholar Match, and I knew immediately that he was determined to help me.

Kevin strongly encouraged me to explore summer internships in my chosen field of architecture and design, helping me to create a professional resume and cover letter. He provided sample documents, and guided me through how to introduce myself to employers. The skills he taught me will remain valuable whenever I apply for jobs in the future.

Entering undergraduate applications, I initially only thought about staying in-state and applying to well-known schools because most of my friends were doing that, but with his vast knowledge of universities and colleges around the country, Kevin introduced me to many exceptional options. He took the time to get to know me, and he taught me the ins and outs of researching a college to find the right match. He gave much consideration not only to academics but also to class size, social life, and location, factors I'd never really thought about before. After careful website research, and a nudge by him to attend their information sessions, I landed on Tulane University. 

Kevin facilitated the long and arduous process of applying. He was always punctual with his replies, and his critiques of my essays have tremendously improved my writing. I learned what it truly meant to "show not tell" in my essays, and his guidance took them all to a whole new level. His help throughout the process has left me proud with what I turned in. With his support, I was accepted into the Tulane School of Architecture under EDII.

Kevin has been most helpful as a college coach, and I am immensely grateful for his mentorship this past year.

          — Kristina H., Tulane University School of Architecture

I expected the college application process to be grueling; I anticipated tortuous hours of writing and re-writing and cutting and rephrasing. I did not, however, expect to come to love the process. During one of my first meetings with Kevin, he asked me questions to get to know me. But through this meeting and many more, I came to know myself in ways I never had. He helped me find my passions and confront my weaknesses. Kevin pushed me to new lengths with my writing, while allowing me to stay true to my own writing style. He does not simply provide edits, but really breaks down each essay to make sure it says exactly what you mean. Though I was often stubborn, Kevin was able to use this to encourage the development of my essays and recognize my potential. I sit here writing this at my dream school, but Kevin has done so much more than get me here. I now see the world differently and am constantly reminded of all he has taught me and the opportunities his guidance has allowed me to pursue.
          — Courtney K.,
Rice University (BA) / Duke University (PhD candidate)            ​                                                                                                                                ** I guided both application processes **

I do not think words will ever fully express how grateful I am for the opportunity to work with Kevin. I found him completely by chance. Among the responses to my search, I feel that Kevin was the only one to read and actually 'see' me for who I am and what I was hoping to accomplish.
I emailed prior to working with him and the questions he asked truly made me feel as if he was going to get just as much out of our working together as I was hoping to. We met via Skype (added bonus as distance does not matter) and had an initial conversation to learn a little more about each other. He was truly interested in knowing me and what direction I was hoping to go, and what I was passionate about. Kevin also helped me work through some troubling times at my current position. He didn't do the work; he gave me the tools to do so, which is a great talent to have. He helped me articulate all of this into an amazing cover letter and resume that I feel will get me in the door. He has changed my outlook on the job search and my career in general. I feel empowered. 
Working with Kevin may be one of the best decisions you can ever make. I know it was one of the best investments I have ever made. I will miss having weekly meetings with him, but I know he and I will stay in touch, and I know if needed I can always reach back out to him and work with him again.

          — Megan E., Washington DC

I'm French, and looking for a job in the US. Kevin has been a perfect choice for me. At first glance, I chose him because he is a fluent French speaker, which made the process easier. But I found out he's more than a resume writer. He became a counselor for the important choices I have to make in my professional life. I enjoyed communicating with him via Skype, and got a perfect resume and a lot of great advice for my job search. 
          — Marc D., Nîmes, France

I'm in the process of advancing my career and I decided to use the services of a resumé writer/career counselor to help me get to the next level of my chosen profession. I chose the services of Kevin Kreiger because I could sense a level of honesty and integrity through his Counsel-ink website.
The service and support he provides are well worth the fee. He isn't simply writing a resumé for me; Kevin is taking me on a journey of self-discovery. He asks probing questions that make me think deeply about myself, my calling and my chosen career. I am very capable of writing my own resumé, but I would not have had the holistic view of how I've evolved both personally and professionally. Kevin and I have been able to work together in a meaningful way to create a representation of me of which I am very proud.
Kevin's career counseling services have been embedded in our conversations and through the work we've done on my resumé. In fact, I've discovered that I have a Curriculum Vitae rather than a resumé. The questions Kevin asks about aspects of my work and personal history is really making me think about my life's work in the future.
It has been a pleasure working with Kevin and I would highly recommend him for resumé writing and career services. He has done an outstanding job and I'm grateful for the partnership we've formed around this project.
            — Tracey L., Boston, MA


My relationship with Kevin has been a long and unceasing one. Kevin started to work with me when I was just 14 years old, and for the past six years he has served as my teacher, my mentor and my friend. From boarding school and college applications to internships, he has always managed to challenge my limitations and help translate my thoughts and goals into articulate and meaningful essays. Most importantly he never tried to impose his own ideas. Instead he managed to coax out what was truly important in me, and encouraged self-honesty. Now I'm a rising junior in college. Kevin helped identify and organize the key components of my past experiences and personal characteristics, and integrated that into a search for internships, a cover letter and resume, and interview prep. The result of his efforts showed when I was accepted as an early admit into a highly competitive program in Washington DC next year. When my post-college job seeking begins a year from now, I'll be back. I highly recommend Kevin as an integral partner in the career building process. His vast experiences and insightfulness will help simplify the search and give you a competitive edge in the market.

          — Stacy C., University of Michigan (BA)

I started working with Kevin in high school, when preparing to apply for college, and have continued to work with him for two additional application cycles for dental school and an orthodontics residency. From the beginning, his objective was not to simply spell check or make my writing sound fancy for the reader. Instead, he genuinely tried to get to know me and make sure it was my voice resonating on paper. It was also much more than just going over rough drafts. Kevin acted as a guidance counselor, and ultimately a support system in the stressful application process. He adapted to my growth as a person, and ensured that I accurately represented myself each time on paper. He never lost interest in the path that I was taking and became a true part of the decision making process when the time came. Without his help and guidance, I would not have enjoyed the process as much as I did, nor would I have felt as confident with my decisions to attend the programs I have.

          — Tiffany L., UC San Diego (BS) / USC Dental (DDS) / USC Dental (Orthodontics)                                                                                                                          ** I guided all three application processes **

Working with Kevin was like talking to an old friend by being your true self. He guides you through the writing process without overwhelming you and provides you with guidelines that maybe you never thought of before. He is like a fairy godfather who makes your writing excel to its full potential with vividness and creativity. I am very pleased to have met him and worked with him for my transfer essays. He is easy to talk to and work with. I am overjoyed with my finished products and I would like to thank my boyfriend for introducing me to an expert in creative writing.

          — Cindi A., Tutor, Compton Unified School District (Transfer app to UC Irvine)

Kevin not only helped me during my undergrad application, but also guided me through graduate applications four years later. During both processes, he always listened carefully, then encouraged me to stay true to my passion and interests. He also made these applications feel not like burdens, but like opportunities for growth and self-discovery. I have luckily ended up at institutions that are good fits both academically and socially. These were stressful processes, but Kevin always helped me stay grounded and offered encouragement and advice whenever I needed it. 

He was particularly sensitive to my experience as a woman of color, helping me through my battles when I first encountered racism in high school, and again when similar issues arose in college. His emotional support has been invaluable.

During my graduate applications, Kevin not only provided close structural and content feedback through many drafts of all my application writing, but worked with me on my resume and also went beyond the call of duty to proofread my writing sample. He was a dedicated guide through my communication with faculty both at my undergrad institution and prospective graduate schools. He was also attentive and patient in navigating through Art History, a new academic landscape.

It is a pleasure to know Kevin, and I believe anyone would be lucky to have the opportunity to work with him.
             — Alice Z., University of Pennsylvania (B.A.), University of Southern California (M.A., 2024)
​                                                      ** I guided both application processes **

Retaining Kevin as a Career Counselor and Life Coach is proving to be one of the best decisions I ever made. He is a passionate professional, offering a combination of warmth and expertise that generates meaningful results.

I came to the process frustrated with my stagnant job search and with the intent to hire a professional to freshen my résumé. Kevin offers so much more; on reading his Counsel-Ink profile, I immediately knew that I wanted to work with him. The kind way in which he articulates his balanced, holistic approach won my confidence that he would be sensitive to my struggles around career-related matters.

Kevin is generous in his communications as we discuss engagement options, and our work has been fruitful from the get-go. He is thoughtful in how he paces us, direct both in probing and providing feedback to keep momentum, and careful as he guides me in mining my personal history to inform my current goals. He works intuitively, constantly auditing my responses, and is at all times respectful of my limits while encouraging me to explore and meet places of internal challenge. He is fully invested in the importance of this work.

Kevin is a true advocate for my personal growth, and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to work with him.

          — Michele C., Jersey City, NJ

My experience with Kevin was, in a word, organic. From planning to the final draft, he brought out my strengths in a very genuine, natural way. The most inspiring essays I read from his former clients were about everyday life's stark contrasts, trials, and beauty which he guided his students to capture in unique, vivid language. Applying to college is stressful, but it is comforting to have someone who genuinely cares about your individual process every step of the way. He was always there helping match my interests and personality to colleges, coaching me for interviews, keeping me sane, and even helping me choose after it was all said and done. The most important thing Kevin did for me, though, was help clarify my passions, goals, and modes of expression. That devotion made all the difference. Without his guidance, I am certain that I would not have had the choices of schools or scholarship opportunities I did. He is an incredible teacher, mentor, and person, and his lessons will be with me for a very long time.
           — Rachel A., The College of William and Mary (BA)

Kevin is the most open-minded, enthusiastic, and empathetic counselor I have met. From devising an academic plan to providing inspiration, he was always available to answer my questions and provide insight on how to achieve my goals. His wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of counseling was evident in every interaction we had. 

But what truly made my application process unique was Kevin’s genuine care and concern for me. He took the time to listen to my concerns, and offered advice that helped to ease my occasional moments of anxiety during this process.

It was because of Kevin that I was able to overcome challenges and obtain offers from my dream schools. I am extremely grateful for his continuous support, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a dedicated and professional academic counselor.

               — Elaine C., University of Southern California (M.A. 2025)